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Maharaja 1998 Hindi Movie Download




The main protagonist Raja Choudhary is a fearless man who has a noble heart. He wants to be respected not only by his father but also by his father-in-law Sardar Akbar Khan, who lives in a kingdom called Somvansi which belongs to Raja. Raja and his people worship the Goddess Tara of Troy. Plot Raja Choudhary (Govinda) is a royal prince who believes in equality, honesty, compassion and morality. He is the son of Sardar Akbar Khan (Dalip Tahil), a chief of his kingdom, called Somvansi. As a child, he is intelligent and brave but hates a loud person. Raja is married to princess Indira Choudhary (Manisha Koirala) and they have a daughter named Maya. Sardar Akbar Khan believes that Raja has a soft heart but his son-in-law thinks Raja is foolish and that people like him are fakes. Raja is asked to stand for the election for a post in the government. Sardar Akbar Khan wants his son-in-law to be the candidate of the party and also be his candidate. Raja refuses. Sardar Akbar Khan kills his son-in-law by using poison in a bowl of fruit. He later dies, bringing a curse on his family. The life of Raja is in danger and in a sudden turn of events, he is kidnapped and taken to a jungle. There, he is shown that he and his family have the power of "Qaum" or one of the four elements. He is separated from his family. A wizard (Dalip Tahil) warns Raja that he will lose his life if he goes back to his homeland. Raja is shown some images from his past life. He is shown in a forest where he fights a villain. The man is arrested and Raja and his parents are reunited. After this incident, Raja finds a goon who killed his parents in Somvansi. He later is kidnapped by him. On the way to prison, Raja is attacked by the goon. Raja kills the goon and finally is shown as a child who was abandoned in the forest. The man who was giving him shelter gives him back his real family and has a plan to save his life by his help. Raja is shown the images from his past



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Maharaja 1998 Hindi Movie Download

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